Education Trade Union Rejects Latest Governmental Offer, Continues with Strike

The Education Trade Union decided at a meeting on Wednesday to not accept the latest proposal of the government for increase of their salaries by 10%, and will proceed with the strike. “The decisions of the government at the session they held on Tuesday do not lead towards resolution of our problems. Even though our colleagues are facing serious pressures and their right to protest is disputed, we proceed with the strike until we reach a mutually acceptable solution for the increase of our salaries with the government,” said Education Trade Union President Jakim Nedelkov at a press conference. Prior to the press conference of the Education Trade Union, Education Minister Jeton Shaqiri said he expects for the trade union to accept the decision of the government and to end the strike, adding that the Ministry will take all measures at their disposal so that the education process is no longer interrupted. A reaction also came from the Union of Secondary School Students, which accused both the government and the Education Trade Union for the current situation, and demanded them to try to reach agreement soon. “This generation of students already lost too much precious time and lessons during the COVID-19 pandemic, so we do not need to further be outside of a normal educational process,” they state from the Union of Secondary School Students.