El Cheka case: SPO says Materials on Facebook profile Don’t come From it

According to the Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPO), the conversations posted on El Cheka’s Facebook profile don’t come from it. As it was explained in a press-release on Thursday, all materials at the SPO’s disposal are kept in accordance with strictly prescribed safety procedures that cover physical, administrative and information safety of the information. “At the same time, during the processing and analysis of the materials, action is taken in accordance with the established internal rulebooks and procedures to record the process of re-listening and processing the materials, as well as the obligation for full respect for the principle of secrecy and protection of the privacy of the Republic of North Macedonia’s citizens and other persons, guaranteed with the Constitution and with the European Convention on Human Rights,” it was added. Also, the SPO called on all stakeholders possessing audio materials subject to illegal interception of communications to submit them to it.