Employees at Prosecutor’s Offices Start Strike

Employees at prosecutor’s offices have started a strike. As they said on Wednesday, they demand an increase of salaries by 78% and a salary supplement rise of 35%. Employees at all 28 offices in the country will not do their job. Exceptions will be made only for urgent matters, detention cases, and appeals that cannot be delayed.

“Our demands are just. The average salary of office employees is around 22,000 denars. An increase of 10% through the general collective agreement is not enough. Moreover, our supplements were annulled. With this pay, we cannot survive, let alone live,” it was said. The employees will also inform the Head of the EU Delegation, Ambassador David Geer, and US Ambassador Angela Aggeler over the matter.

According to PM Dimitar Kovacevski, it’s the judicial power that needs to make a decision on the budget allocation for employees. According to the general collective agreement, there will be an increase of 10%, but there will be a discussion on whether there is a possibility of meeting the employees halfway. When it comes to the court administration, Thursday will see two protests.