Epidemiological Surveys Among Officials Underway

The contacts of the Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski with the government officials are being established after he tested positive for the coronavirus. Probably neither the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev nor any of the ministers will go into self-isolation after the Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski announced last night that he is positive. However, the final word will be given to the epidemiologists, who during the day conduct the polls among the associates of the Minister, in the Ministry of Interior, SDSM and in the Government. “I had no direct contacts with Oliver Spasovski outside the health protocols for personal protection. We always kept our distance and always wore a mask according to health protocols. That is, while one speaks without a mask on their face, the others wear a mask, even though the necessary distance was maintained. However, I will certainly do a test, because it is so smart and responsible,” PM Zoran Zaev wrote on Facebook. Later Tuesday, Zaev announced through Facebook that he received negative result for COVID-19. The Deputy Prime Minister in Charge of the Fight Against Corruption and Crime, Sustainable Development and Human Resources Ljupco Nikolovski was also reported to be negative for the virus.