Esmerov: Pro-EU VMRO Members Not Involved in Constitutional Change Talks

VMRO-DPMNE member and former Ambassador of North Macedonia to Hungary Igor
Esmerov claims that the pro-European party members and groups are not included in the
decision-making processes concerning the party’s positions about the processes for
constitutional changes. “If the constitutional changes are not implemented by September,
the speed of the country’s progress towards EU membership will definitely decrease, but
there is also danger that the interest for enlargement may decrease in the EU as well. I
also do not understand the demands for a postponed effect of the constitutional changes,
and I think it is an attempt by VMRO-DPMNE’s top management to move away from the
initial positions revealed after the meeting of party leader Hristijan Mickoski with PM
Dimitar Kovacevski,” Esmerov said.