EU Ambassador Geer Commends Efforts for Solution to Skopje-Sofia Dispute

The Head of the EU Delegation, Ambassador David Geer, has described the Skopje-Sofia issue as a matter between the two sides. “This is a matter between the two countries, but I will say we’ve always encouraged North Macedonia and Bulgaria to work together to overcome outstanding issues so that they can reach a mutually acceptable solution to those issues,” he said on Monday, commending the efforts being undertaken for a solution to be found. According to Geer, at the same time, it’s also exceptionally important for there to be work on domestic reforms in North Macedonia. VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski said the country should receive firm guarantees about the Macedonian language and identity. “Otherwise, we don’t even want to hear about any deal,” he stressed. In response, PM Dimitar Kovacevski said the negotiations with Sofia were in line with the jointly adopted resolution by Parliament in Skopje.