EU Returns Expansion on Agenda for 19 November Meeting

Macedonia once again will find itself on the Ministerial Council of EU’s agenda on 19 November in Brussels. Diplomatic sources from Brussels have confirmed for mediums that France will submit more detailed proposals for reforms toward the expansion process. EU representatives in the country say that it’s early to speak about the new methodology, and they notify that the funds and support for Macedonia remains the same. European Ambassador, Samuel Zbogar pointed out that the financial aid, especially in the municipalities, is of key importance in way of conducting European values at a local level. The blockade of Macedonia was also talked about at Tuesday’s unofficial Ambassadorial meeting in Brussels. More information on the French stance is expected after the Pendarovski-Macron meeting which is scheduled for Tuesday the following week in Paris. On Wednesday, President Stevo Pendarovski received support from his Italian colleague, Mattarella during his Rome visit, where they agreed that the Euro-Atlantic integration process is necessary for lasting stability and security in the region.