Eurobarometer: 57 % of Macedonians support EU Membership

Data from the latest poll conducted by Eurobarometer indicate that 57 % of the citizens of Macedonia believe in EU and its values, which is by 6 % lower than the last poll of the same kind conducted in the autumn of 2018. According to Eurobarometer data, 68 % of the Macedonian citizens believe that the EU membership will bring certain benefits for the country, while 16 % disagree. Most of the citizens participating in the poll pointed out the bad economic situation (35 %) and the unemployment (30 %) as their greatest problems. However, 67 % said they are satisfied with their current living standards, while 33 % hope that their life quality will improve in the next year. 48 % of the citizens of the EU believe that new member-states (among which Macedonia) should be accepted in the EU, with the support for new EU members increasing in France and Germany by 2 %, despite the fact that political figures in these countries promote positions that now is not right time for Macedonia to start the membership negotiations with the EU.