Ex-Greek PM Tsipras meets PM Zaev on first Day of visit to Skopje

On Monday, ex-Greek PM Alexis Tsipras arrived in Skopje, where he will participate in the Western Balkans Summit entitled “Reinforcing the momentum for European integration”, scheduled for 1 October. On the first day of his visit, he met PM Zoran Zaev. The meeting was held in a cordial and friendly atmosphere. They talked about the benefits of the Prespa Agreement, saying the deal deserved the two countries’ total support. As Zaev and Tsipras assessed, the document has changed the reality between the two countries and created new, positive dynamism in relations among countries in the region. Since 17 June 2018, the Skopje-Athens cooperation has become deeper, after it was set on the foundations of the deal on new friendship and partnership, according to them. Macedonia’s integration path was among the topics they discussed, too. In that regard, interlocutors welcomed the strong support for a start of membership negotiations. In their view, it is a result not only of the Prespa deal and its positive effects, but also of the meeting of domestic reforms.