Ex-Minister Jankuloska to Be Released on Parole on 1 November

On 1 November, ex-Interior Minister Gordana Jankuloska will be released on parole. As the Court of Appeals said on Thursday, the decision was made at a non-public session held on 4 October. In the press release, the Court highlights the fact that Jankuloska is a mother of a five-year-old and the documents received from the Idrizovo prison.

As it is pointed out, Jankuloska has complied with rules and obligations arising from the prison’s rules of conduct, hasn’t manifest violet and conflict conduct, has had friendly relations with the rest of the convicted persons, has had a developed sense of personal and societal responsibility, and her conduct was in line with societal norms, the Court explains, inter alia. Jankuloska will not return to prison if she doesn’t commit a crime until 28 August 2024.