Extortion Case: Jovanovski’s Lawyer Complains of Brutal Breaking of Law

“We saw no evidence,” showperson Bojan Jovanovski’s lawyer, Sasko Dukoski, said during Monday’s hearing over the Extortion case, in the frames of the defence’s closing arguments. According to him, his client is charged with money laundering allegedly committed in 2018, but prosecutors presented pieces of evidence dated 2017. “Evidence would be hidden, we wouldn’t be allowed to conduct insight into it because that’s how somebody wanted, there was brutal breaking of the law. We didn’t see anywhere in the recordings that Bojan received the money, while the bag in which there were allegedly one million euros in 50-euro notes, according to the European Bank’s specifications, are supposed to weigh 19 kilograms, but Zoran Milevski is carrying the bag like it’s a feather. On the other hand, Jordan Kamcev is such a man that would surely mark the money, while he would surely have a recording showing Bojan taking the money, so it’s obvious that it’s a doctored recording,” the lawyer pointed out. Jovanovski once again said he was part of political persecution.