Fatmata Case: Police Inspector Charged with Grave Crimes against General Safety

The Prosecutor’s Office has filed a charge against a police inspector whose gun went off in the incident in which 23-year-old Fatmata from Sierra Leone was killed.

He’s been charged with grave crimes against general safety. The incident took place in April near Gevgelija. During an activity to prevent migrant smuggling, officers spotted two smugglers and multiple migrants. The charged inspector took out his gun and warned, by shouting, those there to stop. One of the smugglers, however, suddenly turned around and tried to take his gun, after which there was a struggle. The Office considers that the officer was not supposed to engage in a fight with the smuggler. During the struggle, the gun went off and hit Fatmata, who was in the smuggler’s car. The two smugglers are not charged in relation to the death of Fatmata.