Filipce Comments on Vaccines Issue and Other COVID-19-Related Topics

It’s possible for the first COVID-19 vaccines to arrive by the end of the month – that’s the announcement that has come from the COVAX mechanism. Through that World Health Organisation’s system, 833,000 doses should be secured, but it is unknown how much the first shipment will contain. According to the COVAX mechanism’s letter, it’s about vaccines from Pfizer, which should be followed by ones from AstraZeneca. Health Minister Venko Filipce says the country is ready to receive the US vaccine. There are negotiations with three sides on vaccines, according to him, that is, the COVAX mechanism, EU members, and directly with manufacturers. 800,000 doses are expected from each of them. They will be enough for immunisation of 60% of the population. It’s estimated that that way, collective immunity will be acquired. Filipce’s stand is that the epidemiological situation is stable.