Filipce: Five New Coronavirus Cases, 31 Infected Total

Health Minister Venko Filipce briefed on the latest coronavirus situation in the country after the ministry announced that five new cases had been registered Tuesday afternoon. Health Minister Venko Filipce informed on the latest developments with the coronavirus situation, out of which 31 citizens have been infected in the country so far. “Today we have five new diagnosed cases, four of which are healthcare workers from Debar. Thus, the total number of patients in our country is 31. Out of the five newly diagnosed patients, apart from the four health care workers from Debar, the test for the wife of the already diagnosed patient is positive and she will be hospitalized at the Infectious Diseases Clines,” said Filipce. He announced that two doctors from the Pulmonology Clinic would be attending the Debar Hospital starting Wednesday in order to upgrade the capacity and help other health professionals, epidemiologists and the three infectologists who are already there with regard to screening, treatment, and in relation to the home visits of patients treated in Debar. The Health Minister once again appealed to health professionals that the hard work and effort they are giving at this time is invaluable and that citizens should adhere to the measures.