Filipce: Only 2 Passengers on Skopje-Turku Flight are Citizens of Macedonia

Health Minister Venko Filipce said in an interview for Kanal 5 TV that only 2 of the passengers on the flight from Skopje to Turku, Finland were citizens of Macedonia. 24 of the 157 passengers on the flight from Skopje to Turku last Saturday turned out to be COVID-19-positive after they were tested at the Turku Airport. “We contacted the Embassy of North Macedonia in Stockholm which covers relations with both Sweden and Finland to acquire list of the names of the 24 passengers that turned out to be COVID-19-positive. The information we acquired confirmed that most of the passengers on this flight were citizens of Kosovo, as well as other people that hold Finnish citizenship, and the current protocols for protection from COVID-19 in our country do not require foreign citizens who only transit through our country to provide proof for negative PCR tests for COVID-19, or to undergo isolation or quarantine. Still, they are obliged to leave the country no later than 3 hours after they entered. We will also discuss this issue at the meeting of the State Commission for Infectious Diseases for introduction of the obligation for providing proof for negative PCR tests of citizens from neighbouring countries that transit through our country,” Filipce said.