Filipce: PCR Testing and Vaccine Checks for Afghanistan Refugees

A protocol and recommendations have been developed, which provide for PCR testing and health care, if needed for the group of Afghan citizens who should arrive in the country,” said Minister of Health Venko Filipce. There will be no quarantine necessary, he said, because PCR testing and checking whether they have been vaccinated is planned. “We do not know what exactly is the situation there and therefore to provide them with medical assistance if needed. Women and children will arrive. Gynaecological and paediatric teams, family doctors will come to see if any medical help is needed. All will be tested for COVID-19, and those who are not vaccinated will be vaccinated a day or two after the test. The procedure will be implemented in the places, i.e. hotels, where they will be accommodated,” said Filipce. The government has announced the admission of some 650 Afghan citizens – employees and their wives and children in humanitarian missions, human rights activists, journalists, translators, students, scholarship holders and citizens who have been supporting NATO forces in Afghanistan for the past 20 years.