Fleckenstein: Hungary should extradite Gruevski to Macedonia

In an interview for web portal NOVA TV, MEP Knut Fleckenstein refers the recent political events in Macedonia. “I think that the Prespa Agreement will accelerate reformation processes and that the Macedonian government will remain dedicated to these processes compulsory for integration in EU and NATO. I have very positive impressions of the Committee for National Reconciliation and their work. The have a very big responsibility upon themselves and I hope that they will carry out all processes in the best way possible. Still, a crime is a crime and their decisions must be extremely well balanced. When it comes to the case of the Former PM Nikola Gruevski, I must say that first, Hungarian PM Viktor Orban does not care much about rule of law, and second, friends tend to stick together, don’t they? I expect all sides in this case to act according to the principles of rule of law, which means that Hungary has to extradite Gruevski to Macedonia,” Fleckenstein said.