FM Dimitrov on Prespa Agreement Aspects

We have matured as society to face the reality – the road to EU and NATO leads through the agreement with Greece on the name and this is the reality. All world leaders starting from NATO Sec Gen Jens Stoltenberg to German Chancellor Angela Merkel have noted there is no plan B for a seat on the table where they all wish to see us. This was stated by FM Nikola Dimitrov at a press conference clarifying all aspects from the Agreement with Greece. Dimitrov said the guarantees for our admission to the NATO Alliance are very strong and the agreement cannot be enforced unless Greece ratifies the protocols for Macedonia’s membership to NATO. As regards the constitutional amendments, the FM noted they have still not been written and should be drafted by the parliament with two/third majority in a public debate. He assessed President Ivanov’s statement that he would not vote at the referendum as shunning responsibility.