FM Dimitrov participates in Meeting in Bratislava

“I expect tomorrow to see a positive Report from the EC and a political decision to open negotiations by the end of the year,” FM Nikola Dimitrov said on Tuesday, when he was part of the annual meeting of ministers from the Visegrad Group and Western Balkan countries. As he added, a decision won’t mean that Macedonia is ready to become a member-right away. “Rather, it just means opening of the next phase; a start of the new stage of our European path that will surely be long and require a lot more work. But it’s a start that is deserved and necessary for our European future,” Dimitrov stated in the address. The meeting in Bratislava was held within the frameworks of Slovakia’s Visegrad Group Presidency, at which the central topic of discussion was advancement of the Western Balkan countries’ reform and Euro-integration process and learned lessons. In addition, there were discussions about the joint European future in the new geopolitical context.