FM Osmani Attends NATO FMs Meeting in Brussels

Foreign Affairs Minister Bujar Osmani attended on Tuesday the meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers in Brussels, the first meeting with physical presence of the FMs since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. “To be at the same table, to be part of the Alliance of 30 most powerful countries in the world is not just a personal satisfaction, but pride of all citizens of North Macedonia. For the first time, we attend this meeting as a member-state equal with the other 29 states. With our accession in NATO, not only that we changed our role on the international political and security stage, but we also managed to strengthen the role of the Alliance in the entire region,” Osmani said. The first participation of Macedonia in this meeting as full-fledge NATO member was also welcomed by NATO Sec Gen Jens Stoltenberg. “I congratulate FM Osmani and the entire country this jubilee, one year since the accession of North Macedonia in NATO. I am very grateful for all the contributions made by your country and your army to NATO missions all over the world,” Stoltenberg said.