FM Osmani Meets Bulgarian PM Borissov in Sofia

Foreign Affairs Minister Bujar Osmani held a meeting in Sofia with Bulgarian PM Boyko Borissov. At the meeting, which was not announced by either Skopje or Sofia, the interlocutors discussed the open issues between Macedonia and Bulgaria and the progress realised by both government for resolving the same and unblocking the path of Macedonia towards EU membership. “We must resolve all issues and misunderstandings, or the generations that will come after us will never forgive us. Both sides need to prepare for negotiations guided by reason, not emotions,” Borissov said, accenting the importance of full and proper implementation of the Good-neighbourliness Agreement. Osmani said during the meeting that good neighbourly relations and their sustainability are one of the top priorities of the Macedonian diplomacy, and that official Skopje is willing to strengthen relations with official Sofia in the spirit of friendship and the Good-neighbourliness Agreement.