Foreign Minister Osmani Participates in Dubrovnik Forum

The EU must find a way when it comes to integration of the Western Balkans, which would represent geographic and political consolidation of the European continent, Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani said in his address at the panel of Foreign Ministers “The International Community and the Western Balkans: How to End the Quarantine?”, held in the frames of the Dubrovnik Forum, on Saturday. As he added, that process is in the strategic interest of both sides, while greater inclusion of countries from the region is needed in the debate on the future of the EU, in a manner like the one initially enabled during the Prespa Forum Dialogue and the panel concerning the Conference on the Future of Europe. As Osmani added, when it comes to the process to bring the region closer to the EU, Brussels would have to guarantee a predictable and credible process, while the two sides would adhere to the accepted obligations – delivered reforms for a formal start of negotiations for both Skopje and Tirana.