Foreign Ministries Condemn Bulgarian Entertainer’s Song

Media in Bulgaria are sharing a video of a Bulgarian entertainer saying in a song that Macedonia is a Bulgarian territory and province and that Bulgarian blood is running in the veins of Macedonians. At the end of the song, he even says there will be more such lyrics. North Macedonia’s Foreign Ministry reacted, as did its counterpart institution in Sofia. In the meantime, Levski supporters have posted videos on social media of how they attacked police in North Macedonia, shortly before the match against Shkupi. The Bulgarian supporter that was injured with a knife’s condition is stable. However, doctors recommended for him not to be transported at least in the first days of his treatment. Unlike the developments related to sports, the Ministries have had contacts since the formation of the new Bulgarian Government. In September, Bulgarian Foreign Minister Mariya Gabriel will visit North Macedonia, according to the announcements.