Forensic Erase of Data from Computers in SPO, Several Media report

Citing employees from within the Special Public Prosecution (SPO), several media reported on Tuesday that some of the computers in the premises of SPO were subjected to forensic erase of data. “Colleagues, please start the procedure for managing of data in your respective computers and USB drives, and erase completely anything that is not related to the work of SPO. If you have private data in the computers, please save them on external drives before conducting the process for erasing of the other data. Once the process is complete, each of you will be called individually for formatting of your computers,” writes the SMS published by the employees from SPO, who want to remain anonymous. The employees alerted several media two days ago that SPO intends to conduct a forensic erase of databases from all computers, but from SPO they officially denied the claims, stating that no such operation has been requested whatsoever.