Former PM Gruevski Press Conference

Former PM and leader of VMRO-DPMNE Nikola Gruevski assessed as ‘futile attempts of the government and nonsense’ the information published by Wikileaks that Macedonian authorities back in 2008 accepted the name ‘Republic of North Macedonia’. “They are now in campaign and we shall probably hear a lot of other such nonsensical things. It is clear why I am in court and why this classical political persecution is happening to me. If I had agreed with the Greek officials today things would have been different, but I am a man with principles and above all dignity,” Gruevski said at a press conference in the parliament of Macedonia. He complained that the cases against him in courts are politically orchestrated and he would not attend the Court of Appeals session on Wednesday, while his lawyers would not attend the hearings in the Tank case as the decision had already been made at political level.

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