Former SEC Head Derkoski Charged in Case concerning Software for Results

The Prosecutor’s Office is criminally prosecuting former State Election (SEC) President Oliver Derkoski. According to the charge, with the procurement of software to make public results from previous parliamentary elections, he caused damage to the budget amounting to 900,000 denars (around 15,000 euros). The company he selected, it is added, didn’t meet the conditions to participate in the tender. Though he had the duty to ensure, before the signing of the deal and implementation of the software, there was testing in order for it to be determined whether it meets the required conditions, he didn’t do so and allowed it to be put into use, the Office explains. Three other persons, too, are being prosecuted. They were carrying the procurement process. However, Derkoski says no crime was committed, adding that taxpayer money was in fact saved as a result of the selection.