Four Persons Charged for Organising 27 April Parliament Incidents

The Public Prosecution for Organised Crime filed a bill of indictment against four persons, charging them for organising the incidents in the Parliament of Macedonia that occurred on 27 April 2017. “The suspects firstly provided logistic and financial support for the two-month long protests of the movement “For Joint Macedonia”, which culminated on 27 April 2017 with the violent intrusion in the Parliament. Two of the suspects were controlling the events from the party headquarters, mobilising as much party members and followers as possible from all around Macedonia. One of the suspects has also brought firearms to the protesters in the Woman Fighter Park across the Parliament. After the incidents, one of the suspects ordered the security personnel in the Parliament to delete and remove the security camera footage of the parliament incidents,” writes the bill of indictment, in which the suspects, former Transport Minister Mile Janakieski, former Parliament Speaker and current MP Trajko Veljanoski, former UBK Head Vladimir Atanasovski and former MoI employee Nikola Boskoski are charged with terroristic organisation and jeopardising of the constitutional order and security.