“Friends of Enlargement” Delegation in Skopje

The Foreign Ministers of Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and the Estonian Deputy Minister of European Affairs, as representatives of the EU Group Friends of Enlargement, met today with Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov where they expressed their support on Macedonia’s road to EU and NATO. Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz said at a joint press conference that they appreciate the efforts Macedonian authorities are making in implementing the reforms. “I hope that the EU will soon start accession negotiations with Macedonia and Albania. We appreciate Macedonia’s participation in the Berlin process last year. Poland has presided over this process aimed toward supporting the European integration of countries in the region,” stated Czaputowicz. He expressed hope that in soon the Macedonia will finalize the process and officially join NATO. Minister Dimitrov informed that Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are members, part of the so-called group “Friends of the Enlargement” and are here to give us, as he said, support and a clear signal. According to the government press service, Wednesday Spasovski received the delegation from “Friends of Enlargement”. The delegation from “Friends of Enlargement” was also received by President Stevo Pendarovski.