Gaiser: Zaev is the Problem in Macedonia, his Political Career is over

The “La Verita” journalist Laris Gaiser, who published the recordings related to the “Racketeering” case in Macedonia, commented on the situation in Macedonia related to this case in an interview for the Italian radio Capodistria. “I did not sleep because I was afraid the people involved in this scandal will deny their participation, but they all admitted it so far. We published these recordings fearing that the evidence they contain and reveal will disappear sooner or later. In this entire situation, the PM Zoran Zaev is not the solution, but the main problem for Macedonia, for all he has done so far is damage to the country’s international reputation and its chances for integration in NATO and EU. Zaev has lost his entire international credibility, and very soon he will be removed from power in Macedonia, because his political career is over,” Gaiser said in the interview.