Ganiu and Kasami Summoned by Police over Developments during Kurti’s Visit

Cair Mayor Visar Ganiu was on Tuesday summoned for a conversation at Bit Pazar Police Station, where he was informed he’d been issued two misdemeanour penalties related to the organisation of Kosovan PM Albin Kurti’s visit.

Alternative issued a press- release saying that Tetovo Mayor and BESA leader Bilall Kasami, too, had been summoned by police, too, over the iconography during Kurti’s visit to Tetovo. “If this government thinks that police, force, threats, and violence are a way to fight this coalition and shut down the opposition enthusiasm, we should remind them that that’s the best way to speed up their defeat,” Afrim Gashi’s party noted.

The same day, the Interior Ministry said it had sought misdemeanour proceedings also against Kasami, as well as the two Municipalities, as legal entities. Kasami said he was not afraid of such communist-style “attempts to intimidate Albanians”.