Geer: Decision for Constitutional Changes is Sovereign Decision of Country

EU Ambassador David Geer says that the decision for registration of Bulgarians in the Constitution is a sovereign decision of North Macedonia, and the state has to make it by itself. “For North Macedonia, the road towards EU membership is wide open, and negotiations between Skopje and Brussels are underway. The inclusion of certain communities in the Constitution most certainly does not endanger the national interest of one state, but this is a matter that North Macedonia has to carry out by itself as an independent and sovereign state,” Geer said during his visit to the Municipality of Debrca. In meantime, Spokeswoman of the European Commission Ana Pisonero stated that North Macedonia must adopt the constitutional changes in order to continue the process for integration in the EU. “We expect the entire process to be done by the end of this autumn, and the next step are the constitutional changes that the country has to make in order to proceed with this entire process,” Pisonero said.