Geer: Most Laws Will Be Implemented by Local Governments

“Most of the laws that will be harmonized with European law will be implemented by local governments. With the process of accession and harmonization of laws with European law, the implementation will fall to the local authorities and therefore it is necessary for the citizens to familiarize themselves with that process,” was conveyed by the European ambassador David Geer, who was on a working visit to the municipality of Gostivar. The head of the Delegation of the European Union in the country had a meeting with the mayor of the municipality of Gostivar, Arben Taravari, and the members of the council of the municipality. After the meetings, he conveyed several messages related to his visit and the process of European integration. Geer mentioned that one of the reasons for the visit to Gostivar is to explain the process of accession negotiations and screening and which steps have been taken so far and which steps are to follow.