Geer: Parties Must Set Differences Aside for Sake of EU-Integration

EU Ambassador David Geer said during the forum “EUROPEUM 2023 – 20 Years Since
Thessaloniki Summit” that political parties must set differences aside in order to make
concrete changes and progress in the country. “The matter of constitutional changes, which is
a sovereign decision of your country, is a very important step you need to take which will
lead you right into the second inter-governmental conference with Brussels. I call upon all
political parties to overcome their differences and unite over the matter for accession of their
country in the EU,” Geer said. He also added that, even though there is major progress
achieved by the Western Balkans, the EU is not responsible for resolving their internal issues
with corruption and rule of law. According to Geer, the enlargement of the EU is an interest
of its own, because it brings stability and security.