Geiser: New Evidence on “Racketeering” Case on Friday

Italy-based journalist Laris Geiser, who published the video of “Racketeering” case suspects Bojan Jovanovski and Zoran Mileski taking from businessman Orce Kamcev 1.5 million euros in cash in his house, announced that he will publish new evidence of the case on Friday. “New details of the “Racketeering” case will be published on Friday, and everything shall become a lot clearer about the situation. Once I finish this media story of mine, I will be available for interviews and will provide all of you with more details,” Geiser has told Sitel TV. Geiser is signed as the author of the article containing the video and the audio recordings of Jovanovski, Mileski and Kamcev. In meantime, several Macedonian media, like Nezavisen Vesnik daily and Deutsche Welle’s service in Macedonian language claim that Geiser is well connected with right-oriented organisations in Macedonia, among which VMRO-DPMNE, and that the entire publication in “La Verita” is done with purpose to hinder Macedonia’s integration in the EU.