Gerberich: Germany and France Synchronizing on Western Balkan Politics

The German Ambassador in Macedonia, Thomas Gerberich, after Monday’s commemoration at the German cemetery in Prilep for World War I soldiers, stated that Germany and France are synchronizing with the politics of the Western Balkans, with the mutual goal – to enable the start of the accession talks with the western Balkans countries. “There is close friendship between France and Germany, and we have shown that after the ends of the First and Second World Wars We understood that we never want that to happen again, Germany and France are neighbouring countries, Germans and French people cooperate, meet and this cooperation exists for years. Two countries that cooperate within the EU and synchronize, one with the other, in connection to the Western Balkans politics. There can be different opinions between friends, but the goal is the same, and that is the enabling of the accession negotiations for the Western Balkan counties and in relation to that joint goal, there are no differences between Germany and France. In the upcoming period, we will have talks on this topic, at different levels in Brussels, in Skopje and I think that we can accomplish very good results together,” stated Gerberich. When asked whether this model of cooperation between Germany and France can be applied to the countries relations with Greece, Gerberich stated that the Germany-France reconciliation can serve as example for anywhere in the world and he thinks that if there is preparedness for compromise, as shown by the Prespa Agreement then reconciliation is possible.