Gerberich: Germany Supports North Macedonia’s Integration in EU, NATO

In an interview for news agency MIA, German Ambassador to Macedonia Thomas Gerberich speaks about recent political events in Macedonia, and the country’s processes for integration in NATO and EU. “Germany has recognised the efforts made your country, which is why the Bundestag approved the start of EU membership negotiations with North Macedonia. The West Balkans is a strategically important region for the EU, and we must not neglect it. The Prespa Agreement with Greece and the Good-neighbourliness Agreement with Bulgaria, as well as the acceleration of reform processes clearly defined the road of North Macedonia towards integration in NATO and EU. I must point out that the formation of the Special Public Prosecution initiated a process of reformation of the judiciary in the right direction, and that the failure of individuals is not an indication that the entire system is not functioning properly. The judicial organs are working to resolve the “Racketeering” case, and we all need to leave room for them to do their job properly and independently,” Gerberich says.