German Bundestag members visit Macedonian Parliament

Macedonia deserves to start negotiations with European Union especially after solving the open disputes with the neighbours, however, Germany decided whether the country will start negotiation talks instead of June, German Bundestag members told Macedonian MPs. They said that the Government of German Chancellor Angela Merkel can have its own viewpoint for Macedonian euro-integration, however, the final decision is brought by Bundestag and that they are optimist that the German parliament will bring a positive decision in autumn. Antonio Milososki, President of Parliamentary Committee for Foreign Policy says that the Macedonian integrations are late for 10 years, considering that from 2009 we got the first positive recommendation from Brussels, and said that PM Zoran Zaev is not allowed to manipulate whether the government will get a date. Milososki urged for more frequent contacts of the Parliament and the Government with parliaments of EU member states, and said that the Government should not adopt the final decisions for expansion of EU. They also met with Parliament Speaker, and also with MPs from all MP groups. Johann Wadephul, member of the German Parliament from the ruling CDU party, said that it is not a big deal that the accession talks with Macedonia are being postponed for a few months, and pushed the date for the actual opening of chapters to December. ” As regards “North Macedonia”, my information and estimates point out that the country could receive the approval of my group in Parliament by the end of September. The first chapters could be opened in December,” said Waderphul.