German Chancellor Scholz Welcomes PM Kovacevski in Berlin

PM Dimitar Kovacevski was officially welcomed in Berlin by German Chancellor Olaf
Scholz upon the start of his official visit to Germany. Kovacevski and Scholz held a joint
press conference at which they addressed messages about the EU-integration of North
Macedonia and the necessity of the constitutional changes. Chancellor Scholz said that
Germany greatly respects the Macedonian language, identity and history, and that now
main focus should be placed on the constitutional changes, and encouraged the
Parliament of North Macedonia to adopt the changes sooner. PM Kovacevski said that
Germany always provides great support to North Macedonia. “Germany is a crucial
partner of ours in both political and economic terms. We are well aware that the
constitutional changes are one of the main conditions for our integration in the EU, and
we should by all means avoid a situation in which we will vet our own integration in the
EU. This is not a process of one government, or one official or one political party, but a
collective social process in which all of us politicians should take part. The EU accession
is not a goal of one party, but a strategic national interest of our country. We remain
dedicated to the dialogue, and I once again call upon the opposition to participate in this
process,” Kovacevski said. The Macedonian delegation, including PM Kovacevski,
Deputy PM in charge of European Affairs Bojan Maricic and FM Bujar Osmani will hold
several meetings with other German politicians on Thursday 29 June.