German Minister for Europe Roth Visits Skopje

German Minister for Europe Michael Roth paid an official visit to Skopje on Wednesday. Roth was welcomed by Deputy PM for European Affairs Nikola Dimitrov, with whom he held a meeting and a mutual press conference. “North Macedonia fulfilled all necessary criteria for starting the EU accession talks, and this is supported by Germany and by all other partners in the EU. Now we need to stick together, for it is in all our interest for the Western Balkans to be integrated in the EU, and I believe the Skopje-Sofia issue may be resolved this June,” Roth said. Deputy PM Dimitrov said that the government has been working during the German presidency with EU and in the past few months to find a solution for the issues with Bulgaria, and that they are being careful to not give up and lose hope and at the same time to not create unrealistic expectations among the citizens. Roth also held a meeting with PM Zoran Zaev, who thanked him for the German support for Macedonia in the EU-integration processes.