Government Adopts Decision for Early Ratification of NATO Protocol

At a session held on Saturday, the Government of Macedonia adopted the Draft-law for Ratification of the NATO Protocol for Accession of Macedonia in the Alliance. “Once the law is adopted, the ratification of the Protocol will take place, after which it will be forwarded to Washington as soon as Spain ratifies the Protocol too,” the governmental press service reports. The Macedonian parliament is to dissolve on 11 February for the upcoming snap election scheduled for 12 April 2020. The process for early ratification of the Protocol was accepted by the ruling majority due to the current preparations for the election, and because Spain is the only NATO member-state yet to ratify the Protocol too. A similar process occurred when Montenegro was integrated in NATO two years ago: the Montenegrin Parliament ratified the Protocol in April 2017, while Netherlands and Spain did so one month after that.