Government adopts Prespa Agreement Amendments for Constitutional Changes

The Government adopted during the session held on Wednesday afternoon the Draft-amendments for changes to the Constitution of Macedonia, the core segment of the Prespa Agreement. From the Government they inform that after the adoption, the draft-amendments were officially submitted to the Parliament of Macedonia. According to the Government, after the public debates and the suggestions by the MPs, only the fourth amendments in the Prespa Agreement, which will be amendment XXXVI to the Constitution of Macedonia, underwent slight changes, and its text now states: “The Republic protects, guarantees and nurtures the characteristics, the historical and the cultural heritage of the Macedonian people; The Republic protects the rights and interests of its citizens living or residing abroad; The Republic cares for the diaspora of the Macedonian people and the other communities and nurtures and improves their ties with their motherland; The Republic, while doing the above, shall not interfere in the sovereign rights of other countries and their internal affairs.” The texts of the amendments XXXIII, XXXIV and XXXV do not undergo changes.