Government approves Opinion on Article 11 from Law on Pardoning

The Government of Macedonia held on Tuesday its 168th session, in which it adopted the opinion of the Justice Ministry for authentic interpretation of the Article 11 from the Law on Pardoning. “The Law on Pardoning underwent changes back in 2009, when the Article 11, which contained the authorisation for the President of North Macedonia to provide abolition to suspects, defendants or convicted persons without any previous procedures, was abolished. Furthermore, the Constitutional Court annulled the changes to the Law on Pardoning adopted in 2009, but that action did not return in force the aforementioned authorisation contained in Article 11. Henceforth, the President of Macedonia had no authorisation to provide abolition without previous procedure to the suspects and defendants in the cases processed by the Special Public Prosecution (SPO), which he did in 2016,” writes the opinion of the Justice Ministry. The Constitutional Court is to take an insight in an initiative filed back in 2016 which disputes the decision of former President Gjorge Ivanov for annulling the abolition he officially gave to 56 defendants and suspects in the cases processed by SPO, a decision which was among the main reason for start of the “Colourful Revoltuon”.