Government Declares State of Crisis Amidst Wildfires in Country

The Government of Macedonia declared on Friday afternoon a state of crises on the entire territory of the country in duration of 30 days after several areas were and are still affected by wildfires. From the government they inform that the decision has been made in order to secure rational usage of the state resources and coordinated actions of all institutions for putting the wildfires under control. The government has obliged the Crisis Management Centre (CMC) to prepare an action plan for dealing with the wildfires, while all other institutions like the Ministries of Defence, of Interior and of Health, to prepare their capacities for dealing with the situation too. The government also decided to provide over 20,000 litres of fuel from state reserves for the necessities of the CMC for dealing with the fires. At the moment, more than 10 wildfires are active all over the country, with the one burning near Pehcevo and Delcevo being most dangerous for the local villages and cities, while the wildfire in Staro Nagoricane claimed its first victim on Wednesday evening, an 80-year-old woman who did not manage to leave her house when it got caught by the fire, and the police are still searching for her body.