Government Delegation Participating in NATO Summit in Lithuania

A Government delegation led by PM Dimitar Kovacevski is taking part in the NATO Summit in Vilnius, Lithuania. As the PM said on Tuesday, important decisions will bemade concerning defence of NATO members, protection against cyber and hybrid attacks, and promotion of cooperation with Kyiv. “A decision will be made regarding thefunding, that means that 2% of the GDP will be basically the minimum regarding funding of defence, with at least 20% being for modernisation. North Macedonia is a country thatalready invests 30% of its defence budget for modernisation,” he noted. Regarding the issue of cooperation with Ukraine, Kovacevski stated that North Macedonia always supported the open-door policy regarding NATO integration, but, surely, once all current security aspects are considered. He also praised the developments on Sweden’s NATO road. Kovacevski also said on social media that he’d had a chance to briefly talk to US President Joe Biden about the importance of the European and Euro-Atlantic integrations of North Macedonia and Western Balkan countries as one of the preconditions to provide peace, stability, security, and prosperity of the region.