Government doesn’t Expect France to be obstacle on European path

On Friday, French Ambassador Christian Thimonier stated that Macedonia belonged to the European family. As he added, dates ore one thing, but the principles matter. “If there’s something that we, all European representatives, are united over, it’s that the place of the Republic of North Macedonia, after all efforts, but also the reforms that should be made, is among us. Dates are one thing, but the principles matter and that’s why we’re taking steps forward,” Thimonier added. The Government doesn’t expect France to be an obstacle on the European path and considers that there is no Member State or country that’s part of the negotiations process that has done more than Macedonia to get a date. Friday saw President Stevo Pendarovski receive support in Vienna for the country’s integration path from Austrian counterpart Alexander Van der Bellen. Answering a journalist’s question about France’s stand, Pendarovski said it was not about a French veto, but rather about improvement of the negotiations methodology.