Government forms Team for Membership Negotiations with EU

The Government of Macedonia reached a decision at the Tuesday’s session for the establishment of a structure of 7 bodies that will conduct the membership negotiations with the EU. The PM Zoran Zaev will head the coordinative body that will determine the state’s positions, while the carrier of the negotiations will be a delegation of state officials, headed by Vice-PM for European Affairs Bujar Osmani. The government will also form 35 working groups by the end of the week, and they will each work on one of the 35 chapters of the membership negotiations with the EU. Asked about possible obstructions on behalf of Greece of the entire process after the change of government in Athens, Osmani said that they do not expect such attitude from Athens. “The Prespa Agreement has an international guarantee and both sides are obliged to stick to it. Any eventual delay of the start of the membership talks with the EU will negatively affect the political environment in North Macedonia,” Osmani says.