Government Holds 162th Sitting

At Tuesday’s sitting, the Government confirmed the budget for the construction of the pre-schools in Cair and Lozovo and for equipment for the Kumanovo, Brvence and Bosilovo pre-schools, as well as started the preparation of the pilot-program for sex education. At the 162nd regular sitting, the Government adopted the Information for approval of financial funds for the municipality of Gjorce Petrov from the Health Ministry’s Budget amounting 14.400.000 denars which will be used for preparation of documentation of urban projects, basic projects for infrastructure and study for geological and geo-mechanical attributes of the soil for the needs of the Urbanistic Plan toward Vele Pole, municipality of Gorce Petrov where the new Clinics Centre needs to be built. The government also adopted the changes in the Program for decreasing air pollution 2019 and increased the funds intended for exchanging the unecological heating system I administration and other buildings in ownership of the state in the more polluted cities in the country, with the goal of replacing the heating system at the Prison Skopje. The government also reviewed and adopted, at the proposal of the Information Society and Administration Ministry, the participation of the country in EuroHPC project by EU with the goal of developing, creating, expanding and maintaining supercomputer and data centres in the framework of the European Union, as well as development and support of highly capable and innovative eco-system for high performance processing.