Government: No Curfew in Skopje and Several Other Municipalities

At its session on Tuesday, the Government decided against the recommendation of the Infectious Diseases Committee, which means there will be no new curfew in Skopje, Kumanov, Tetovo, Stip and several other municipalities. Ministers had asked the previous day for the decision to be discussed directly at a session instead of the Chief Crisis HQ making the decisions that are afterwards presented and adopted at a session. The Government said that it was requesting strengthened controls and monitoring in targeted areas of Skopje, municipalities in the capital, Aracinovo, Studenicano, Ilinden, Petrovec, Zelenikovo, Kumanovo, Lipkovo, Stip, Karbinci, Tetovo, Bogovinje, Brvenica, Tearce, Zelino, and Jegunovce, where a bigger number of COVID-19 cases had been registered. “In accordance with this conclusion, the proposal to introduce restrictive measures will be once again considered at the Infectious Diseases Committee,” it was added in the press-release.