Government, Opposition still without Agreement over Law on SPO

The working groups of the government and the opposition held another meeting at the Justice Ministry on Thursday in order to attempt to reach an agreement over the final version of the Laws concerning the status of the Special Public Prosecution (SPO). However, later in the night, from the Justice Ministry they confirmed that the meeting ended without any agreement whatsoever, with both sides only pledging to proceed with the negotiations in the days to come. “Key differences still remain” We only agreed to conduct consultations about segments in which we can take our positions closer to each other so that we can reach a final solution,” Justice Minister Renata Deskoska said. Antonio Milosovski from VMRO-DPMNE said that there are still serious differences in the interpretation of the entire law text. “Both sides confirmed their interests for further negotiations so that we can make progress and find a solution to this issue,” Milososki said. Artan Grubi from DUI welcomed the opposition’s efforts to approach the issue more constructively.