Government promotes Action Plan against “Fake News”

The PM Zoran Zaev presented at a press conference on Wednesday the Governmental Action Plan for combatting the phenomenon of “Fake news” and promotion of disinformation in the media. “Disinformation and abuse of the media and technology remain one of the greatest challenges of the modern societies in 2019. This is a serious phenomenon which dents the democratic values and the trust of the citizens in the institutions of the state. In order to properly respond to this phenomenon, the government created this Action Plan to deal with disinformation in the media in accordance with its pledges for openness, transparency and accountability. The Plan includes security and proactive measures, and we shall finalise it in cooperation with the media and NGOs working with them,” PM Zaev revealed. From VMRO-DPMNE they accused the government for starting a plan for censorship of the media. “Zoran Zaev came to power thanks to lies, manipulations and disinformation, and now when his scams are being revealed, he wants to censor the media so that they do not report of his illegal activities, but the more they pressure the media and the people, the more they will be motivated to reveal all their criminal activities,” writes the reaction of VMRO-DPMNE.